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Our strength, our forte. Flavoured infusions, vodkas. They have been known for years. Our bartenders try very hard to return to these traditions, but of course the world is moving forward and we can do something even better than it used to be. 

Vodka was accompanied humans for Ages. Even though we mention it rarely, products based on her were considered as a specific symbol of hosts status, his craftsmanship and abilities. It often required rare ingredients, which further enhanced the uniqueness of the drink. 

Today we have access to the benefits of the modern world and are not afraid to use them. We go back to the maceration techniques already known and try to improve them. We use non-obvious ingredients and find ways to combine them with vodka Only here we create such memorable tinctures and liquors. 

What for others is just a water and spirit, for us, is pure canvas, waiting for a skilful artist, with an interesting and fresh idea for something delicious. 

Even before creation process starts, we put a lot of work and care to prepare ingredients and proper barware for our needs. Many experiments have failed – too much of something, too little intense taste. We strive to create the best recipes and compositions. 

As much as possible to give away the essence and soul of the ingredient in the liquor, even if he really jealously guarded them. 

There we have 3 homemade liquors of which we are most proud: 


This is an item for fans of lighter liqueur production. The process of its creation is a little more complex, not only the right proportions will suffice. Creamy, prepared on the basis of cream, conquers the hearts of people looking for a delicate creaminess, less intense sensations associated with the power of the drink.


We soak our wonderful Ostoya Vodka in the right amount of tea. The delicate base which is Wheat Vodka perfectly combines the characteristic taste of Earl Grey tea, leaving it with an interesting bergamot finish. Very expressive in smell. Wonderful in every way, served hot or cold, it shows delicate dryness and complexity.


The biggest surprise for many of our guests. Based on the gray beetroot liqueur, cinnamon was a delicate characteristic smell. A beautiful ruby colour, a delicate aroma of cinnamon and a wonderful, spicy sweet taste. Definitely a strong position for people looking for completely new impressions and experiences.

Presenting these 3 items here we have to take into account that probably new things have already been created, flavours that we could not yet try. It happens almost every day, we don’t stop and discover even more about Polish vodka and stuff.  

Of course, we don’t just serve them clean! We are a cocktail bar, and drinking vodka for glasses is not the only option. We can serve the tea vodka itself in a sour, sweet, dry, cold or warm version, and certainly the bartender will help you choose the best version for you, in this particular atmosphere and situation. 

So, come and check out how many taste dimensions can be discovered in the ¾ Koneser Bar, where theory becomes practice.