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Aleksander “Walrus” Małys

From 2015, he was associated with the Warsaw bar scene, gained experience in many bars and clubs in the capital city. Privately, fan of basketball and car trips around the world. He can turn an accidental meeting at the bar into an unforgettable adventure. During the tasting he will tell you much more than "oh, here it is nice". An admirer of dry and complex cocktails because, he says, this is the flavour of life. Come and see how Captain Mors tastes.

Emilia Janiw

Despite her young age, she visited almost half the world. She lived in Poland, France, Korea and Indonesia. She graduated from the French High School in Warsaw and began her adventure with the Polish Vodka Museum. In her free time, she is passionate about aquarium hobby. She loves animals (not only marine ones) and is currently studying psychology with a specialization in sexology.

Jan “Uncle” Telus

From an early age associated with gastronomy and he spent his childhood in his mother's restaurant. He gained experience in Warsaw's most iconic party venues - from the barback position to one of the most recognizable figures of the capital's bar scene. Janek lives in accordance with the conviction "watch how you dance - because the dance floor is slippery". A graduate of the State Music School, musician, composer, producer. Creator of the hit "Lemoncake".

Piotr Milczarek

From an early age he showed interest in the art of making cocktails, often playing with his father's bartending accessories. He's been working behind the bar since age allowed him to. He began his career with catering and events, from where he achieved high standards of guest service. He graduated from the Faculty of Gastronomy and Hospitality at SGGW. A fan of all kinds of pop culture. If he were to say what he values most in life, he would say people. People who gave a helping hand when he encountered career obstacles. His motto "Accidental meetings affect our lives." It is, among other things, thanks to them that he reached the point of his career where he can nominate himself an apostle of Polish Vodka.

Kacper “Muskrat” Rynecki

He studied sociology, but in the meantime, he discovered his calling to forestry. Interested in all kinds of literature, multimedia and nature. He started his adventure with gastronomy about 6 years ago from working in a club. Currently, he is dynamically developing in the field of alcohol filling and all other methods of infusing alcohol.

Marysia Arciuch

She loves culture - she has been meeting decades reading books and listening to songs from old times. Fan of gins of all kinds. In gastronomy, she fulfills herself creatively, inventing and composing new home-made syrups and cocktails. She studied Eastern culture on oriental studies and loves Middle Eastern culture and films.

Kacper “Freshman” Zagalski

He wanted to closer to people and their needs. He wanted to hear their stories and create for them. When he stood there for the first time, when he heard the first Story, that’s when he understood. Bar was calling Him.

Marcin Drogomir Kulikowski

Bartender-artist with 13 years of experience. Expert in Polish Vodka, privately enthusiast of rum. He likes to call himself "Rumantic". A graduate of many courses and trainings, he explores the world riding on flair style bartending competitions. He already has nearly one hundred of them, on the podium many times, both in Poland and abroad. By ordering a cocktail from him, you can expect to be enchanted by the evolution with bartending equipment.