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¾ Koneser Bar invites you to immerse yourself in the idea of deconstruction*. We have analyzed the flavors you are familiar with to reveal the contradictions, assumptions and structures that can be hidden beneath the surface of seemingly coherent and logical recipes. Classic concepts have been dissected and then assembled, creating entirely new experiences and unforgettable flavor compositions. Our bartenders experiment with textures, flavors, and presentation to make each cocktail a new discovery.
Immerse yourself in a creative alchemy where every sip tells a different story.
* Deconstruction is a term introduced by French philosopher Jacques Derrida, referring to an analytical approach that involves questioning and dismantling traditional structures and concepts. In the context of literature and philosophy, deconstruction means analyzing texts in such a way as to reveal hidden contradictions, assumptions and ambiguities that undermine the explicitness of interpretation.

Do stolików powyżej 5 osób doliczamy serwis 10%

AU – alcohol per unit – standard portion of alcohol equal to 10 g of pure ethyl alcohol 
Use alcohol responsibly. More at